Your Privacy is Important to Us

Maryland AskUsNow! respects patron privacy and confidentiality, and observes applicable laws, policies, and professional codes of conduct. As part of routine reference service in a networked environment, Maryland AskUsNow! and QuestionPoint 24/7 Reference collect and retain some patron information for network quality control and security purposes. Thus, email and other electronic communications should not be viewed as absolutely confidential. However, the service strives to protect this information to the fullest extent possible. Transcripts of sessions are kept at the QuestionPoint 24/7 Reference secure server and used for analysis only. In keeping with library policy, customer information is considered confidential and accessible only by designated library staff.

When logging into the service you are asked to provide certain identifying information. If you check the box labeled "anonymous" in the chat form, or have the option to stay anonymous in the qwidget or mobile chat, no personal or identifying information about you will be revealed.

Email addresses are not required to use the service, but when available are used to send you a transcript of your session or to email you follow-up on a particular question that could not be answered in the live chat. We do not sell, share, or otherwise provide customer email addresses to third parties.

We treat our customers with respect and expect the same in return. If you use abusive language or deliberately waste librarian effort in a way that denies service to others, we will end the session.

  • We protect the privacy of your question. However, people who make threats or use offensive language forfeit their privacy.
  • Threats are taken seriously. If you tell us that you plan to do something illegal, you can expect there to be serious consequences.
  • We contact schools and internet service providers to report violations.


For more information regarding privacy, please see our software's Terms of Service.