QuestionPoint Install happening this Sunday (1/10)

It's time for another scheduled QuestionPoint install. This one will be at 3AM EST on Sunday, January 10, 2010.

While no one in Maryland monitors at that time, please be aware of any traffic that may have come in during this time by checking your NEW Question Lists on Monday morning.

This install has a lot of advances for the qwidget including a mobile webkit for the iphone and facebook and new qwidget reports. The main new thing for us to know with this install is that the bug regarding DRAFT answers has been fixed:

"2.3 DRAFTED ANSWERS ARE SAVED - This bug has been fixed. Drafts are once again saved in the “Answer” field. The drafted answer displays when you re-enter the Answer page; you do not need to copy and paste from the question history."

To read the full release notes, please check out the QuestionPoint blog or take a gander at the PDF'ed release.