The AskUsNow! Listserv

The MDASKUSNOW mailing list ( is an easy means of communication among the project partner liaisons in Maryland AskUsNow! This list includes the liaisons, as well as other individuals who play an administrative role in the service but is open for any provider to join.

What is the AskUsNow! listserv used for?

The AskUsNow! administration and liaisons use the listserv to communicate scheduling changes, software updates, training opportunities, and other AskUsNow!-related items.

Who can be on the listserv?

Although the list is primarily used for items particular to liaisons, anyone involved with AskUsNow! can join the list.

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to the list?

Email AUN admin to be added to or deleted from the listserv.

How do I use the listserv to ask for coverage?

Send an email to when you expect that your library will not be able to fulfill its regularly scheduled hours providing service. Here you may ask other Maryland libraries to cover the time on an as-needed basis. Your message will be automatically distributed to all MDASKUSNOW subscribers. If your message is relevant to only one other individual, then you will want to make sure that you have addressed your message to only that person.