AskUsNow! Back-Up Chat Provider List

Several AskUsNow! customers on chat at one time?  Please email the back-up chat providers with the subject line, "Back-Up Chat Providers Needed on AskUsNow!. is on chat.  EOM.  [Name of the Customers' Location, if applicable]"  For instance, if several students from the Washington County Public Schools access chat, please use the subject line, "Back-Up Chat Providers Needed on AskUsNow!.  Washington County is on chat.  EOM."  The email address is
​Using Humanity to Get Back-Up Chat Providers:
  • "Staff" icon on the top
  • "All Staff" on the left
  • ! MD Backup Chat
  • "Ping" and send a message
Your message will go to the MDBACKUPCHAT-L@OCLCLISTS.ORG listserv which will immediately send your ping message to several Maryland AskUsNow! chat providers.
Back-Ups will achieve the following goals:
  • Promptly pick up and handle at least 1 chat session.
  • Relieve anxiety that happens when we are witnessing a surge in customer service.
  • Provide exceptional chat reference service to our AskUsNow! customers:  One "x-factor" that I want to add to "exceptional:"  promote local and statewide library services that will benefit the customers as they continue to work on their projects and research assignments.

Contact Becca and me if you have any questions and comments about the AskUsNow! Back-Up Chat Provider List.