QuestionPoint Reports: Stats vs. Counts

QuestionPoint had a reports webinar today. Here's some highlights from my notes:

Activity Statistics and Counts of Current Data: What's the difference?

Our Special Library Partners are Open for Referrals!

Updated on 5/7/2018

You are one of the 200-300 librarians who actively staff Maryland AskUsNow!'s chat service. You’re part of a system that is made up of 40 partner libraries. Through your session(s), you help to cover AskUsNow! for over 200 hours a week, all from computers like yours, and all over Maryland.

IM Transfer: You've Sent An IM to Another Librarian, But Never Receive a Response! Why?

The instant messaging (IM) and transfer feature on QuestionPoint have been around a long time, but isn't used as often as it could be.  Since we don't do it very often, the ability to remember what to do fades. Here are some pointers:

There are at least a couple of reasons a librarian may not be responding to your IM --

Customer Service Excellence in Email Reference

For following up with a customer via email, we have the same customer service/quality guidelines that we do in person or in chat! The benchmark of a successful customer service email effort should be the quality of the response. Here's a quick guide to excellent email reference!

Let's say a customer came into chat asking about resources for becoming a dental hygienist and the chatting librarian marked the session for follow-up via email. This is how you'd want to respond:

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