Customer Emails and Referring For Follow-Up

It's important to get customer email addresses if follow-up is needed. This guide walks you though how to do that (and what to do if you didn't).

Quick Guide to Going Global

"Going global" means that during your AskUsNow! shift, you're accepting customers from outside of Maryland. The global queue is almost always busy and can be a little nerve-wracking to librarians who are unfamiliar with working with non-MD customers. We've put together this guide to help out.

What To Do With Local Account Questions

We sometimes hear that local account or PIN questions are among the least favorite of our AskUsNow! providers. It's a rare scenario when a customer logs in and is picked up by one of their own librarians who would have access to their library account information.

Is there anything we can do? Yes! An automatic "Send to Followup" response is not necessary. We should make every available attempt to solve the problem before offering followup as an option.

No Habla Español? Transfer to the Spanish Queue

Learn how to transfer a chat customer to another queue (instead of to a librarian) like the Spanish or After Hours queue.

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