Practice Science Chat Sessions

Practice Science Chat Sessions



Chat 1:


Patron: I am looking for a high school science fair project that’s due in four days, it’s a big part of my science grade.

Librarian: Hello and thank you for using AskUsNow! Please give me a moment to read over your question

Patron: Okay

Librarian: Ok, it sounds like you are looking for some suggestions for your science fair project. Is that correct?

Patron: Yes

Transcripts for Practice Math Chats

Practice Math Chat Sessions

Chat 1:

Patron: Where can I find help on Algebra 1 Homework?

Choosing Queues - How to Decide

Whether you're an academic or public library provider, you can log onto chat in a few ways :

Is it always this slow? (I'm not getting any customers!)

Local Maryland public and/or academic queues may be slow at times, especially during any term breaks and holidays.  It may be, however, that the hour you are covering just happens to be low in traffic.  If you find that you're constantly logging in during a slow hour and would like to get back into action, where what you can do:

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