How to Send a Question for Follow-Up to a Non-Maryland Library

Sometimes a session needs follow-up by a non-Maryland library.  You have multiple options!

Practice Science Chat Sessions

Practice Science Chat Sessions



Chat 1:


Patron: I am looking for a high school science fair project that’s due in four days, it’s a big part of my science grade.

Librarian: Hello and thank you for using AskUsNow! Please give me a moment to read over your question

Patron: Okay

Librarian: Ok, it sounds like you are looking for some suggestions for your science fair project. Is that correct?

Patron: Yes

Transcripts for Practice Math Chats

Practice Math Chat Sessions

Chat 1:

Patron: Where can I find help on Algebra 1 Homework?

Choosing Queues - How to Decide

Whether you're an academic or public library provider, you can log onto chat in a few ways :

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