Developing Relationships with our Customers - setting the stage

To build a good rapport with your customer, start with a welcoming atmosphere!

Customer Unresponsiveness

When customers log onto chat with a question and then seem to disappear, what is actually going on?

Like ghosts seemingly spirited away after a brief glimpse, we have customers who flit away after taking the time to sign onto chat.  There can be various reasons for why this happens:

Tone and Type

In chat, our voice can easily resound through with the conversation we have with our customers. Our friendly assistance denotes a partnership with our customers.

Development update from the 24/7 Advisory Board Meeting

During today's QP Advisory Board meeting, Susan McGlamery announced that some changes would be made to the policy pages. Specifically that some fields within the Policy Pages would be linked to the same fields in that library's OCLC WorldCat registry entry.

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