Happy Birthday to us!

AskUsNow! is EIGHT!

To celebrate, we're doing a slightly different take on our previous year's story campaign and asking people to share stories on twitter or facebook!

Spread the word and wish us happy birthday! :-)




a note on usage trends and a plan

We've seen a drop in usage but we've got a plan to raise it. Click on "read more" for the full story.

Turn Off Your Music While Chatting

music notes

Do you listen to music while working? Julie loves to! Music can get you into a groove and help speed up (and liven up) repetitive tasks!

Quality Tip Tuesday: filter google results by reading level

Now you can use Google's advanced search feature to filter your results even more! Like by reading level! See for specifics.

I tried it with physics – a topic I find hard to research for kids – and found a few sites I somehow hadn’t ever come across before (including which I vetted as reliable!)

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