Quality Tip Tuesday: filter google results by reading level

Now you can use Google's advanced search feature to filter your results even more! Like by reading level! See for specifics.

I tried it with physics – a topic I find hard to research for kids – and found a few sites I somehow hadn’t ever come across before (including which I vetted as reliable!)

Social Media Strategy

As was mentioned at today's Liaison meeting, you can read AskUsNow!'s social media strategy by clicking here.

QP hack: sending files to customers in chat

UPDATE on 5/28/15: does not seem to function well at this time.

Two alternatives (thanks to Erin K. at Pratt!) include:

  1. FilesToFriends:

  2. Transfer Big Files:


Ever want to send a customer a file but they wouldn't give you an email - or you didn't want to use your work email to send it? is the easiest way to send a file to a customer who either doesn't want to share their email address, or doesn't have one.

AskUsNow! beats NYPL to the call


American Libraries ran a story last week about NYPL and their new crisis call guidelines. They created guidelines after they fielded a call on ASK NYPL, their virtual reference service from the police about a girl threatening to throw herself off a bridge. Her only identification was her NYPL library card.

The author, Matthew J. Boylan, interviewed similarly sized library systems, suicide experts, and legal professionals. Had he asked us, we could have shared our expertise with him too!

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