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Humanity Instructions

Humanity Instructions


Clocking in & out

  1. Before your shift, go to the Humanity homepage: OR click on “Humanity: Time Clock” on your “My QuestionPoint” homepage, which will take you directly to the time clock.
  2. Click “Clock In” and then click “Launch Chat” on your “My QuestionPoint” homepage.  Please add notes into the time clock if circumstances happen during your shift.
  3. After logging out of the Chat Monitor, click “Humanity:  Time Clock” and click “Clock Out” (If you have Humanity open, you can directly click on “Clock Out.”). 

If you can't work a shift & need coverage

  1. Go to your Humanity schedule grid:
  2. Click the shift you can't work.
  3. Click “Request Trade” and click “Continue.”
  4. Enter a reason for the coverage, keep all potential covers checked, and Click “Continue” and the hour will be shared with the potential covers.
  5. Learn more about requesting coverage at

To make up a shift (if no library provides coverage)

Please note the Global chat hours are required to be made up.  You have the option to make up Local MD chat hours, which will boost your library's contribution percentage towards helping out chat customers.

  1. Go to the available shifts in Humanity:  (It’s labeled as “Shift Available” from the dashboard.)
  2. Click “Request to Work” next to the shifts.  Shifts are listed in half-hour increments.
  3. Please make up the shift within 1 week.  Please contact Paul Chasen ( if you need more time to make up the shift.

If your library is closed on an AskUsNow! Holiday

  1. Go to the Humanity Leave Page:, and click “Request Leave.”
  2. Keep the Leave Type as “Library Closure.” You can select a full day or shorter time range.
  3. Click “Submit Request.”



Paul Chasen, Statewide Coordinator, Maryland AskUsNow!:

Wren Spangler, OCLC/QuestionPoint 24/7 Cooperative Manager:



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