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QuestionPoint Reports: Stats vs. Counts

QuestionPoint had a reports webinar today. Here's some highlights from my notes:

Activity Statistics and Counts of Current Data: What's the difference?

Activity Statistics are triggered by an action, usually clicking a button or link. Once counted, this data cannot change. Stats are processed nightly, so you'll always have a full day's worth of stats for the previous day.

Counts of Current Data are an on demand look at the transactions in the QuestionPoint database. Some numbers can fluctuate depending on if actions are taken after the initial chat session has ended. It's a real-time reflection of the state of your sessions. Current Data Counts seldom include sessions older than 90 days. 

When To Use Activity Statistics

You can find Activity Statistics in the Reports tab on the main QuestionPoint screen. Here, you can view:

  • Questions received by your library
  • Chat requests received via the Qwidget
  • Questions answered by your librarians
  • Number of simultaneous chat sessions
  • Questions received from another library or the Global Reference Network
  • Questions referred to another library or email partner
  • Number of records added to your KnowledgeBase

When to Use Current Counts of Data

You can find Current Counts of Data in the Reports tab on the main QuestionPoint screen. You can view:

  • Current counts of chat sessions between your patrons and:
    • Your Institution's librarians
    • Maryland librarians
    • Librarians in the 24/7 Reference Cooperative
  • Current counts of chat sessions your librarians had with customers from:
    • Maryland libraries
    • Cooperative libraries
  • Links to transcripts 
  • Counts of descriptive and resolution codes
  • Librarian contact information for your institution(s)

enlightenedSome reports have an export option. Others do not. When there is no export feature, you can still get your data into Excel:

From Internet Explorer:

1. Highlight the statistics you want and right click to copy or <Ctrl + c>
2. Place cursor in the first cell of a spreadsheet and right click to paste or <Ctrl + v>

From Firefox and Chrome:

1. Highlight the statistics you want and right click to copy or <Ctrl + c>
2. Paste to Notepad
3. Copy from notepad
4. Paste to spreadsheet

Why are the counts in Activity Stats sometimes different from the Counts in Current Data or Review Transcripts sections?

  • Referrals: Referrals of another library's customer to you are counted as "Our Sessions With Other's Patrons".
  • Duplicate Transactions: When you copy a transaction in order to change or add a customer's email address, another QP ID is created and counted.
  • Practice Sessions: Sessions marked as Practice are not counted in Activity Statistics but are listed in Counts in Current Data.

How can I get sessions reports for older data?

In Ask >> Review Transcripts >> Offline:

1. Select Service History
2. Choose your preferred method of saving. Set type of review to Fielded Data, then click Limit Search.

3. Select your preferred Session Type.
4. Set your date parameters.
5. On Select Fields page, select chosen fields and choose an Excel format.

For more information on QuestionPoint reports, see their documentation:


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