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Freshening up Your Scripts

Initially, your personal scripts may have been set up by you as a new provider. If you find you haven't done much work on them after that, you're not alone! It may be time to revisit your scripts and see if they need a little spring cleaning.  You may want to update the language or re-organize them.

Steps for accessing your "My Scripts" area

  • In the upper-left corner of the My QuestionPoint screen, you'll see the Select Service drop down menu.  Choose Ask.
  • Click on the Settings tab.



  • Once in Settings, click on My Scripts.
  • Now you are in the area to add a new script as well as to edit and remove these.

enlightened QuestionPoint organizes scripts alphabetically, so use numbers in the titles to order them how you wish. 

Tips for wording your scripts

We can easily personalize scripts before sending them over to patrons, such as by adding the patron's name.  Doing this helps to create a welcoming atmosphere; it shows some care and interest. The wording of our scripts should be as personable as possible so we don't sound robotic. For ideas, check out QuestionPoint's Clearinghouse for Scripts. (You'll notice that many of these examples come from our very own Maryland AskUsNow!.)

Make sure that you're only adding scripts that are useful and save you time. Good communication skills are essential in virtual reference; we want to make sure we're having a conversation with the customer and not heavily relying on scripts.

URL Scripts

URL Scripts is another helpful area, and is found right next to My Scripts in QuestionPoint: 



This offers you a way to list frequently-used web addresses so you can quickly push the pages to your patrons.  Adding, editing and deleting URL scripts are done in the same way as scripted messages, but remember to always add the "http://" in front of the web address to make sure they show up right for the customer.

Updating your messages, weeding out the old, adding new URLs, and giving them all a fresh look and feel will brighten up your chat sessions.  If you need further details, AskUsNow!'s Inner Harbor has a tutorial in the Training area called, "How to Add and Delete Your Scripts in QuestionPoint". 

enlightened Scripts are accessible in chat but also in email/follow-up mode. Use scripts to help you answer frequently asked questions in email!


Happy Scripting!


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