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Brand Language: Primary List

Goal:  develop a primary list of no more than 5 phrases that will be the branding language of Maryland AskUsNow!.

This is the list of phrases that library customers should immediately identify to AskUsNow!. 

The tone should of the list should also match what we want our AskUsNow! customers to feel and sense about AskUsNow!.

UPDATED on 8/21/15:  Brand Language Primary List

  1. Chat Now!--Revised #2
  2. Get Help!--Revised #5
  3. Chat with a Librarian
  4. Ask questions and get help in finding information--Revisions TBD
  5. Get help from a librarian 24/7
  6. Got questions, Get Help
  7. Have questions?  Get help!
  8. Ask.  Anytime.  Anywhere.
  9. We can find stuff.  --good stuff  --great stuff


The Current Brand Language

  1. Need Help?  Chat Live with a Librarian!  Just type your message below.
  2. Live Chat Help Now!--Revised to "Chat Now!"
  3. Need Help? 
    1. Email Us
    2. Call ###-###-####
    3. Chat with a Librarian!
  4. If you have questions, we have answers. <<Maryland AskUsNow!>> is a 24-hour service offered to our library patrons where you can get LIVE help from a librarian who can sort through the massive amounts of information available to give you a quick and correct answer! Give it a try!
  5. Get Answers!--Revised to "Get Help"
  6. Chat with a Librarian
  7. Chat Available
  8. Featured Librarian:  Ask-a-Librarian
  9. Ask questions and get help in finding information--Revisions TBD
  10. Chat with a Librarian:  AskUsNow!
  11. Free advice on books to borrow:  Chat Online Now:  Ask A Librarian--Move to Secondary and revise
  12. Chat 24/7 with a Live Librarian
  13. Get help from a librarian 24/7
  14. Get help from a librarian - any time! PLEASE NOTE: You may be chatting with a librarian from another county or state who can't access your personal library account.--Move to Secondary and revise
  15. Want to chat with a librarian?  Type in your question and click Send.
  16. Get answers from a person, not a machine.--Move to Secondary

What will be in our primary list? 

  1. 8 total
  2. Give a brief reason why the phrases should be kept or added into the list.



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