August 2015 Meeting Minutes

AskUsNow! Brand Language Committee


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

11 am-12 pm

Blackboard Collaborate


1.  Revise and Update the Primary List.

  1. Chat Now!--Revised #2
  2. Get Help!--Revised #5
  3. Chat with a Librarian
  4. Ask questions and get help in finding information--Revisions TBD
  5. Get help from a librarian 24/7
  6. Got Questions, Get Help
  7. Have Questions?  Get help!
  8. Ask.  Anytime.  Anywhere.
  9. We can find stuff.  --good stuff  --great stuff

2.  Revise and Update the Secondary List.

  1. Learning a new topic (something new?)?  We can help you get started.
  2. Template about "What we do?"
  3. Template based on "Free advice on books to borrow:  Chat Online Now:  Ask A Librarian"--Revisions TBD
  4. Want to chat with a librarian?  Type in your question and click Send.--Revisions TBD
  5. Get answers from a person, not a machine.

3.  Prepare an update for the Liaison Meeting.

  • Explain our purpose
  • Present the current Primary and Secondary Lists
  • Ask the audience about our list (i.e. "info" and "Ask.  Anytime.  Anywhere.")
  • Explain how we are moving forward.

Action Items

  1. Continue to narrow down the Primary and Secondary Lists
  2. Susan and Catherine will determine if "Info" is a word to use in our brand language.
  3. Paul will present a summary at September's Liaison Meeting.

September 2015 Meeting TBD--Paul will send out an email.