Brand Language Proposal

FY16 AskUsNow! Brand Language Proposal 

Maryland AskUsNow! has a rich history in developing brand language that promotes AskUsNow! in print and online.  Some of the brand language includes (and this may bring back memories to partners who have been liaisons for several years):

  • We're always open online.
  • Expand your resources and connect with an information expert today!
  • Answers have never been easier
  • Pulling an all-nighter?  So is your librarian!
  • The building may be closed, but we're always open online!
  • Get answers from a librarian, not a machine
  • Going beyond Google!
  • Chat with a Librarian
  • Live Chat

When developing the brand language, we started off with a “primary list” of 16 brand language lines that were online (see  We eliminated, revised, and added on to the list.  We also had a secondary list of brand language was more detailed and complemented the primary list.  In the end, we determined that keeping the proposal to 3-5 brand language lines would keep the project goal more simple.

We also had various viewpoints on the use of “librarian” or “library” in the new brand language.  Does our title and workplace effect the usage?  Is the language needed because its already implied on the library website?  Are there alternatives to using “librarian” or “library?” 

We did not come up with a conclusion on the use of “librarian” or “library,” but we do want to leave that online brand language decision at the discretion of the AskUsNow! partners.

Going into 2016, an ad-hoc committee made up of three partners and AskUsNow! Admin development four new brand language lines with an emphasis on 1) using them online and/or 2) adapting the brand language for your local promotion of the service:

  1. Have Questions?  Get Help!
  2. Ask.  Anytime.  Anywhere.
  3. We Can Find Stuff.  Great Stuff!
  4. Info Connectors for Maryland

The only brand language that we suggest continuing to use online next to your Qwidget or chat form URL is “Chat with a Librarian.”

While not brand language, we do recommend adding information next to your Qwidget or chat form URL about "who is helping you on chat?"

Addendum:  Please add a logo next to the Qwidget and/or chat form URL.  The logos are available at

Thank you to Catherine McGuire (Maryland State Law Library), Erika Harris (Community College of Baltimore County), and Susan Pluhar (Enoch Pratt Free Library) for collaborating on this project.

Submitted for review by Paul Chasen, Statewide Coordinator, Maryland AskUsNow! on 11/4/15. 

The proposal was approved on 12/17/15; updated on 12/5/17.