Communication is very important to AskUsNow!, both communications between the service and its librarians (i.e. Providers) and customers, as well as the communication from the AskUsNow! Statewide Coordinator to valued stakeholders.


Communicating with staff

AskUsNow! provides many avenues for communication among staff and the Statewide Coordinator. The AskUsNow! Statewide Coordinator relies on its Partner Library Liaisons to ensure that every AskUsNow! staff member is up-to-date on policies, service expectations, and other relevant information.

AskUsNow! Staff Website

The AskUsNow! Staff Website provides all the necessary information for providing excellent service to customers as well as information relevant to the growth of the service and the development of its staff members. All information distributed through other venues will also be available on the Staff Website which includes announcements and news, contact information for the Maryland State Library, Statewide Coordinator, and liaisonstraining documentation, and schedules.

AskUsNow! Listserv

The AskUsNow! listserv is available to all AskUsNow! staff; but membership is mandatory for all AskUsNow! liaisons. The listserv is used for software update notifications, day-to-day operations, and other AskUsNow!-related business.


Connecting with Customers

AskUsNow! wants to remain an organization that is open to the comments and discussions of its customers in order to best serve them. Aside from the customer surveys and the webmaster email account (, AskUsNow! utilizes the following social media tool to open the lines of communication between the service and its customers:

twitter logo

The AskUsNow! Statewide Coordinator posts customer questions and customer comments (both stripped of all identifying information), and posts about different research topics on Twitter as both a marketing tool and a communications tool. Customers are able like, retweet, or @reply or direct message (DM) AskUsNow! whenever they need to.