Statewide Schedule

The statewide schedule can be found at:  Partner libraries contact the Statewide Coordinator with scheduling needs.


Monitoring Shifts

Liaisons are responsible for scheduling their Providers.  Libraries are responsible for logging on and accepting chat during their scheduled shifts. Providers should be ready to accept chats at the moment their shift starts and should remain monitoring until the end of their shift. Providers monitoring shifts whose endpoint coincides with their library's closing time may end the shift at 10 minutes before the hour, if not engaged in a chat.

The statewide schedule indicates when a session is Global or Local Maryland service hours.

Librarians providing Local Maryland service should select:

  • Primary Queue (automatically selected)
  • BME Queues

Librarians providing Global service to the cooperative should select:

  • Primary Queue (automatically selected)
  • BME Queues
  • 24/7 Reference Cooperative

Note:  All librarians who are not scheduled for Global service have the option to provide Global service.



For staff to maintain skills, a minimum of one hour of service every two weeks is recommended. If staff have not provided service for at least 6 months, the Liaison is responsible for ensuring that staff is prepared to resume service. The Statewide Coordinator should be contacted if training is needed.


Time Clock, Coverage, Making Up Chat Hours, and Holidays

If a partner library is unable to cover a regularly scheduled chat hour(s), the Liaison will follow the "Humanity Instructions" at  If urgent, the Liaison will contact the Statewide Coordinator directly.



Dates that no coverage or making up of chat hours is needed by the partner libraries is found at: