When a Customer Requests a Transcript From a Previous Session

This guide walks you through the steps of getting a previous transcript re-sent to a customer.

Statewide Scripts

Please note: This post was updated in March 2016 to show the latest scripts. - The AUN Team

Quality Control: How can we provide it like QuestionPoint and the AskUsNow! Administrators?

In reference to the "Supports the Quality of Service" section of The Responsibilities of the AskUsNow! Liaison, I have received questions about how I (the Liaison) should be reviewing chat sessions.  I have also received questions from AskUsNow! Providers about the criteria used to evaluate the chat sessions. 

QuestionPoint Administrators have graciously shared information about how they provide quality control.

How to Send a Question for Follow Up to a Non-Maryland Library

Sometimes a session needs follow-up by a non-Maryland library.  You have multiple options!

Customer Emails and Referring For Follow-Up

Its important to get customer email addresses if follow-up is needed. This guide walks you though how to do that and what to do if you didn't.

Using HTML Tags in the Chat Monitor

For chat providers who want to spruce up their chat sessions:

On Behalf of Wren Spangler at QuestionPoint:


I've received some questions recently about the html tags that appear in some scripted messages and I'd like to provide some clarification.

May Update: Policy Pages: How Do We Improve Them?

Thanks to the feedback from the September Liaison Meeting, we have developed templates (They can also be used as customized scripts.) that your library may add to their policy pages.

What policy pages improvements will we post?  The improvements deal with topics that:

Find Out or Report QuestionPoint Issues

Attached is an advanced troubleshooting guide that is from QuestionPoint, more detailed, but works well when the steps are followed in order.

When we are having issues with QuestionPoint - which tend to be related to the Chat Monitor (aka Flash Chat) - keep the Chat Monitor and My QuestionPoint on the screen.

Please check online to find out if the issue has been reported:

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