Customer Emails and Referring For Follow-Up

It's important to get customer email addresses if follow-up is needed. This guide walks you though how to do that (and what to do if you didn't).

QuestionPoint Cooperative Update: January 2017 (2016 Statistics)

Dear Cooperative Librarians,


Since we have begun a new year, it is a great time to share with you some statistics about various aspects of our Cooperative in 2016.


Three sets of statistics are detailed below:

1) Contribution Percentage Statistics

2) Scheduling Tool Statistics

3) Quality Statistics (Top 10)



1) Contribution Percentage (CP) Statistics: 2016


Quick Guide to Going Global

"Going global" means that during your AskUsNow! shift, you're accepting customers from outside of Maryland. The global queue is almost always busy and can be a little nerve-wracking to librarians who are unfamiliar with working with non-MD customers. We've put together this guide to help out.

Best Practices for Database Access

In May 2016, a work group was convened to create a Best Practices for Database Access

document for members of the 24/7 Reference Cooperative.  The work group gathered data

QuestionPoint Cooperative Update: November 2016

On Behalf of Wren Spangler, QuestionPoint Cooperative Coordinator


Dear Cooperative Librarians,

As we enter into the holiday season, I would like to express my thanks to all members of our Cooperative. You participate in our Cooperative in a variety of ways, such as:

QuestionPoint Cooperative Update: October 2016

On Behalf of Wren Spangler, QuestionPoint Cooperative Coordinator


Policy Pages: How Do We Improve Them?

Thanks to the feedback from the September 2015 Liaison Meeting, we have developed templates (They can also be used as customized scripts.) that your library may add to their policy pages.

What policy pages improvements will we post?  The improvements deal with topics that:

QuestionPoint Cooperative Update: July 2016

On Behalf of Wren Spangler, QuestionPoint Cooperative Coordinator

Dear Cooperative Librarians,

QuestionPoint Reports: Stats for Individual Librarians

 This guide walks you through how to get statistics for your institution's individual librarians.

QuestionPoint Reports: Chat Sessions Requested and Accepted at Your Library

This guide will assist you in how to find the standard monthly stats for your institution's librarians (Chats Sessions Accepted) and customer activity (Chat Sessions Requested). Short video included.

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