Quality Tip: Customers and their Transcripts

I get a lot of questions about resending transcripts to customers that didn't get them. So here's the skinny on what goes on with transcripts and how to get them to your customers again:

Choosing Queues - How to Decide

Whether you're an academic or public library provider, you can log onto chat in a few ways :

February 4, 2013 QuestionPoint Advisory Board meeting

On February 4, 2013, the Advisory Board for QuestionPoint met. Julie took screenshots of the virtual meeting. The recording is also available (1hr 22m).


Descriptive Codes

What are Descriptive Codes?

A descriptive code is a subject-specific tag we assign a chat session. It allows QuestionPoint and AskUsNow! to monitor usage and track trends in subject matter.

QuestionPoint Install this Sunday

From QP:

We will be installing a QuestionPoint features upgrade this Sunday, November 13.   Attached are the Release Notes for the install.

QP Install Sunday 8/21

HUZZAH! Some awesome intuitive changes for this next install. Including:

  1. a link to the reports tab straight from the Select Service dropdown menu
  2. Enhancements to the Policy Pages that enable us to link them to the WorldCat Registry to bring in information (see pdf for more details (and maps!))
  3. Your keywords used when searching the full text will now highlight in the search results.

See the release notes for details.

Development update from the 24/7 Advisory Board Meeting

During today's QP Advisory Board meeting, Susan McGlamery announced that some changes would be made to the policy pages. Specifically that some fields within the Policy Pages would be linked to the same fields in that library's OCLC WorldCat registry entry.

Searching the Full Text of Transcripts

Did you know you can search the full text of our chat, email, and text message transcripts? (WOO HOO!)

Here's how it works:


From the QuestionPoint homepage, click on Ask in the dropdown menu.You will now see the Search box has a drop-down menu next to it:



Freshening up Your Scripts

Initially, your personal scripts may have been set up by you as a new provider. If you find you haven't done much work on them after that, you're not alone! It may be time to revisit your scripts and see if they need a little spring cleaning.  You may want to update the language or re-organize them.

The Chat Monitoring Tool

The online environment can be strangely isolating, yet amazingly active.  While settling in for your chat session, it's interesting and informative to gain a sense of who else is online and what types of questions are being asked at the time.  We can do this through the Chat Monitoring Tool.

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