When a customer requests a transcript from a previous session

Sometimes customers will ask for the transcript of a chat session they've had in the past. We can re-send these to the customers if we have enough information about the session.

Verifying the information

If the customer has the transcript number, we can look it up that way. Usually, they do not and we need other information. While chatting with the customer, verify the following information about the session they'd like the transcript for:

  • if they used an email address or came in anonymously
  • what their question was
  • what day / week and time of day (ballpark is fine)

NOTE: Always verify the customer's email address - otherwise, we will have no way of sending the transcript to them.

Looking up the session

Once you've verified the information about the previous session, send that information to the customer's institution liaison or the AskUsNow! admin to look up.

That person will then go to the Review Transcripts tab of the Ask module to find the session - using the institution and date limiters. Clicking on the Patron link will sort the sessions in that range by the patron's email (all the anonymous sessions will sort together).

Sending the transcript

Once the transcript number has been located, the liaison or AUN admin will use the Ask module to find the session (not in the Review Transcripts area) and click on Answer to answer the customer. The transcript appends to each answer sent so no copy and pasting is needed - just a simple message like this one:

Hello Sally!

Thank you for using Maryland AskUsNow!. The transcript of the session you requested is below. Please let us know if you have any further questions.


Julie Strange
Librarian @ Baltimore County



Sometimes the reason the customer isn't receiving transcripts (which are automatically sent after a properly ended session) is because QuestionPoint emails are being blocked by their spam filter.

To get around these the customer may have to add webmaster@askusnow.info or askalibrarian@oclc.org to their "ok" list.

Alternatively, we can copy and paste the transcript of the session into our work emails or general reference accounts and send the session to the customer that way.