Humanity (formerly known as ShiftPlanning): Clocking In and Out

The basic instructions for using Humanity are available here.  

1.  Log into QuestionPoint

2.  On your My QuestionPoint homepage, go to "Quick Links" and click on "Humanity:  Time Clock."


















3.  The Humanity Log-In screen for the Time Clock will open in a different tab or window.  Please sign into Humanity using your assigned username and password.
















4.  The Time Clock--Clock in screen will appear.  Clock into Humanity by clicking on "Clock in."  You'll remain logged in to Humanity, even if you close the time clock window.













5.  Launch Chat in your QuestionPoint account.  

6.  After your AskUsNow! shift is over, log out. Click on "Humanity:  Time Clock" to go back to the Humanity Time Clock screen. 














7. Click on "Clock out." You may now close your Humanity and QuestionPoint screens.