Fake News v. Real News Resources

Nationwide, libraries are taking "Fake News v. Real News" headlines seriously to the point that libraries and information literacy advocates have written articles and created research tools to help researchers determine how authoritative the news they found online is.  

Some points to consider when giving customers real news, or helping customers determine fake news versus real news include:

  • Reading past the headlines
  • Check what news outlets published the news
  • Who is the author?
  • What sources are cited in the news?
  • What other news outlets are reporting the same news?

Here are helpful articles and research tools that may be useful with our diverse customer base and their research needs:

Is your library doing anything extraordinary with educating audiences about fake news vs. real news that may be useful with our virtual reference customers?  Any resources in particular?  Please share with Paul and Becca and we can add them to our recommended resources.  Thanks!