Quality Control Commendations and Tips for Chat Improvement: October-December 2017

AskUsNow!:  Quality Control Commendations and Tips for Chat Improvement

FY 18

October-December 2017


The following commendation and improvement points are based off of praise and constructive criticism from 1) the Statewide Coordinator, 2) Liaisons, and 3) QuestionPoint and out-of-state/country Liaisons.  Please refer to the Quality Control pages at http://askusnow.info/staff/learningcenter/behaviors and http://askusnow.info/staff/learningcenter/technical for past commendations and improvement points.


In the 7133 chat sessions that we received from Maryland customers, and the 3552 chat sessions that we accepted from customers in and out of Maryland, I am happy to report that at least 233 Maryland customers (not counting customers in other states and countries) were highly satisfied with the service they received during the October-December 2017 time period.   Most of the customers were students or people who were doing research, and we continued to help out customers as best as we could on chat on library-specific questions before giving them more help by email.

With these overall commendations in mind, what I would like to do is list 10 frequent comments, questions, and observations that I received during those three months.

  1. Adding value to the chats = providing resources, instructing, and promoting library or community programs and services during chat to the customers.
  2. Most chats are Qwidget chats, correct?​  Yes, about 4/5 of chats from our AskUsNow! customers are in Qwidgets.
  3. ​Do customers need to copy and paste URLs from Qwidgets to open them?  No, they can click on the URLs, and they will open in different tabs.
  4. Students are oftentimes more patient than we can imagine.  A student may state they received quick research help, and quick is at least 15 minutes to most of them.
  5. ​Do student ID cards link to public library resources?  Sometime they do.  Please check the library's policy page for more information.​
  6. ​I learned there are differences between accessing resources on and off campus at academic libraries.  This can be true.  Please check the library's policy page for more information.
  7. I had difficult customer​on chat, and got help from my Liaison and even the Statewide Coordinator on how to work with them​.  When we work with difficult customers on chat, let's work as a team.
  8. Not sure if a customer received all of the help they needed on chat?  If they gave an email address, send the chat to follow-up.
  9. Initiatives were taken by staff do the follow-up on research questions themselves.
  10. I appreciate the exceptional chats that are posted each month.  I'd rather learn from the best examples, instead of the worst ones​.