No Habla Español? Transfer to the Spanish Queue

Have you ever had a Spanish speaking customer come in through chat but you don't know Spanish? Don't worry! There's help!

QuestionPoint has a growing Spanish queue that is available whenever a bilingual librarian is online and monitoring the Cooperative Spanish queue! The Spanish queue is staffed by librarians from individual libraries such as Queens PL in New York, statewide services such as Maryland AskUsNow!, and Back Up staff who are bilingual in English and Spanish.

The Global Spanish schedule varies, so check the Humanity calendar:


To see the Maryland schedule, check out the shifts in green at

How do I transfer my customer to the Spanish queue?

You can only transfer to the Spanish Queue if a bilingual librarian is monitoring the Spanish Queue at that time. To transfer to the Spanish queue, follow these steps:

1) Click Transfer:


2) Click Queues, to see the list of Queues available for transfer:

If the Spanish queue does not appear when you click Queues, then there are no bilingual librarians monitoring the Spanish queue at that time. If they have included an email address, you may use the Spanish Followup script and send it into followup by their library.

3) Select Spanish to complete transfer:

4) Once you click on a queue name, the transfer will complete and you will see an alert to that effect.

How can I refer customers directly to the Spanish service?

You can add this link to your chat:

I'm bilingual. How can I provide Spanish service?

If you would like to provide Spanish service for AskUsNow!, please contact AUN admin. ¡Muchas gracias!