How Do I Change or Add a Customer's Email in QP for Follow-Up, to Give the Customer a Copy of Their Chat Transcript?

Did a customer enter an email during the chat session?  When this happens, we need to assure that the customer receives a copy of the chat transcript.  More importantly, if the customer needs follow-up, we will need the email in the right place.  If an email address was given in chat, but not entered when the customer initially asked their question, you will need to change the email in the system. This explains that process.

The Problem

You need to reply to a customer within QuestionPoint OR assure that the customer receives a copy of the chat transcript. They gave an email during the course of the chat, but they did not enter it into the Email Address box. 

The Solution

To change the customer’s email address, go to your My QuestionPoint homepage--My Questions--Active.  Find and click on the chat session, and click the Change Patron Email button. You will see a screen where you can input the customer's email address:


1. Cut and paste the email address from the transcript into those fields. Be sure there's no extra markings or spaces when you cut and paste.

2. Click Close Question to close the copy of the question that does not contain an email address.

3. When you're done, click Change Patron Email again to save your changes. This will create a new transcript with the email address in the right spot, ready for a response to the customer. A note will appear in both the old transcript (the one without the email) and the new transcript (with the email) cross referencing both session numbers. You do not need to leave a separate note.

4. To assure that the customer receives a copy of the chat, or follow-up further with the customer, please click on "Answer" and reply back accordingly about giving the customer a copy of the transcript or providing more research help. 


You're all done! Congratulations: you have added in the email address into the transcript, and are ready to further help out the customer.