IM Transfer: You've Sent An IM to Another Librarian, But Never Receive a Response! Why?

The instant messaging (IM) and transfer feature on QuestionPoint have been around a long time, but isn't used as often as it could be.  Since we don't do it very often, the ability to remember what to do fades. Here are some pointers:

There are at least a couple of reasons a librarian may not be responding to your IM --

  1. The librarian who is being messaged may not be fully trained on how to respond and is confused when the pop-up is received. 

    The AskUs247 system in New York has an excellent "how to" on IM/Transfer in their training manual, pp. 23-25:

    You might also remember the AskUsNow! tutorial on "how to transfer a patron in QuestionPoint" on the training tutorials, found at

  2. The second reason may be due to a failed logout when a librarian is finished with her chat shift.  Sometimes we're in the habit of 'x-ing' out rather than using the logout link located on the upper right corner of our chat window.  When we log off this way, we completely sever the connection on chat, this closes the software. QuestionPoint then immediately updates our status to show that we are not logged on.
  3. A final reason is that the librarian who is being contacted may actually be with a customer.  We never want to interrupt librarians when they are working with our patrons and students (see if they are 'Active" with 1 or more patrons on the Librarian's tab while in chat).  Since there is a very brief lag time, there is a possibility that the IM/Transfer request came in right when the librarian became busy with a customer.