When Are Customer IP Addresses Visible?

You may notice inconsistencies as to when you see a customer's IP address (or not) while in live chat or after the fact in follow-up mode. There is a method to QuestionPoint's logic. Here's what Carol Bonnefil said on the issue:

In the Chat Monitor (librarian live chat interface)

  • For customers using the regular page-push interface, the IP only shows if the patron has entered an email address AND the patron's browser type doesn't mask IP from their end. The IP will not show if the patron has chosen anonymity OR if email is not required and they leave it blank.
  • For customers using the Qwidget interface, the IP will never show in the chat monitor even if email is required.

In "Review Transcripts" area (follow-up mode, after chat)

  • Chat Sessions: The IP will show if the email is included in the chat form. The IP will also show if no email is included in the chat form (i.e. left blank if it not required). The IP will not show if the customer chose "anonymity", if that is an option on the form. (XXXXX are shown in the report)
  • Qwidget Sessions: i) If "Masking" (Masking is done by libraries when developing the Qwidget.) is chosen, no IPs will be shown even if an email address is given. ii) If "Masking" is not chosen, IPs will show whether or not an email address is given.