Policy Pages: Please Create, Revise and Update with Relevant and In-Demand Information


A policy page is a form filled out by the local institution that is available to librarians helping your customers through the QuestionPoint software.  These pages are designed to help Collaborative members better help your customers.  This page will tell you how to edit and view these pages within QuestionPoint.

To Create and Edit a Policy Page

Liaisons are responsible for keeping the policy page information current. If any policies, alerts, events, or URLs change, you are responsible for keeping this information updated.

1. Login to QuestionPoint using your 9-digit administrator login and password.  If you don't know them, contact AskUsNow! administration.

2.  From the main QuestionPoint screen, using the Select Service drop down menu at the top left of your screen, choose Profile.

3.  Choose the Institution Services tab. Select the Policies link on the blue navigation bar.

4. To edit any section in the policy page, click the Edit button next to the section. Remember to click Save when you're done editing that section.

enlightenedWhen filling out policy pages, please keep in mind that this information is designed to help the librarians that are helping your institution's customers.  Please be as specific and detailed as you can.  You can even go a step further and phrase things in such a way that the librarians chatting with your customers can simply cut and paste things from the policy pages to your customers.  For example: "You can find your PIN number by..." versus "Customers can find their PIN #'s by..." 

For further details on individual policy page fields, check out the QuestionPoint wiki for filling out & updating your policy page.  The HTML Made Easy page helps you add a little coding to your page to make links or draw attention to something.

If you are able to, please provide a dummy library card barcode # and PIN or login information.  These dummy card #'s are not given to customers but allow the librarians chatting with your customers to gain access to databases or other password-protected areas.  Ask Paul or Becca if you have questions about this. 

To View a Policy Page

While you are chatting with a customer, view their policy page by clicking the Policy Page button in the center of your chat monitor. If your customer is a patron of a different library system, use the dropdown menu at the top of the policy page to select the correct institution. 



When you are not currently chatting with a customer, to view a policy page:

1. Login to QuestionPoint using your 6- or 9-digit ID# and password.

2. From the main QuestionPoint screen, scroll down to the bottom of the left side navigation bar and click Search Policy Pages.

3. A new window/tab will open with search options. To view a Maryland AskUsNow! institution profile, select "Maryland AskUsNow!" from the "Select BME" drop down menu. Click Search. You will see a list of all the institutions under AskUsNow!. Click on any blue link to view.

4. To view a library's policy page that is not an AskUsNow! Partner (a library outside of Maryland), type the library's name into the search box, use the location drop down, or look for their BME (umbrella institution).