QuestionPoint Technology Issues: How Do I Report and Troubleshoot Them?

When we are having issues with QuestionPoint, please start by keeping the Chat Monitor and My QuestionPoint website on the screen as they are.  Be prepared to send in screenshots and as many details as possible about the issue.

Please check online to find out if the issue has been reported:

  1. OCLC System Alerts:
  2. Humanity Message Wall:  Review the Message Wall by logging into

No alert or message from OCLC or Humanity?  Please contact your AskUsNow! Liaison(s), a supervisor, or experienced AskUsNow! staff at your library about the issue. They may ask you to report the issue to technology staff at your library.  This is important to do because the issue may be related to your library's operating system, internet connection, browsers, or applications that allow QuestionPoint to work.

The Liaison(s) or experienced AskUsNow! staff are not available?  Please contact Paul (; if urgent, 443-984-4955).

What happens if no one is available within Maryland, and the issue is about the QuestionPoint software?  Please post a Humanity wall message at

What happens if the issue has to do with chat customers?  The issue has to be brought to the Liaison and Paul's attention.  They will determine if the issue needs to be addressed using a Humanity wall message.  

Once you report the issue within your library, Paul, or Humanity, please also report the issue to QuestionPoint by filling out the OCLC support form at OR filling out the OCLC support form directly from you QuestionPoint account.

Not able to fill out the form?  Please contact OCLC Support at 1-800-848-5800--Menu Option 1--Menu Option 9 OR email  You will be connected to an OCLC Support Representative who will connect you to QuestionPoint.  Please give the representative your name and OCLC Symbol (which is "MDAsk").

You have reported the issue to everyone who needs to know, thanks!  Ready to resolve the issue?  Please follow the specific instructions from the OCLC Support Representative or use one of the attachments if the instructions are relevant to your issue.

Still no luck?  Please contact Paul ( and/or 443-984-4955).  
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