Follow-Up by Email: Referring a Chat Session to a Subject Specialist

Are you a liaison or chat librarian who is trying to figure out if your library has a subject specialist who can effectively reply back to a customer's chat question?

  • Genealogy?
  • Maryland history?
  • Maryland law?
  • Engineering?
  • Meteorology?
  • Another Subject Specialty?

We may not have all of the subject expertise at our library.  I don't think there is one librarian who can state they specialize in every subject, even though we sometimes try hard to do it.

Know that you have options:**

1.  Enoch Pratt Free Library/SLRC:  Click on chat session in your "Active" or "New" folder--"Refer To"--Partner (Subscription)--Select Partner--Enoch Pratt Free Library--Add in a "Reason for Referral"--Click "Refer."  Pratt & SLRC staff will send the chat session to the appropriate subject specialist.

2.  More "Select Partner" Options:

3.  More referral information is available at

**Only send chat sessions that were not answered well by global chat providers to a QuestionPoint "Subject Matter Expert--Quality Subject Expert."  Because AskUsNow! has several subject specialists who will reply back to a customer within 3 business days, we do not refer the chat session to a "QuestionPoint Subject Expert."  QuestionPoint is fully aware that AskUsNow! has its own subject specialists.  The ONLY EXCEPTION to the QuestionPoint Subject Matter Expert options is the National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC).