Resolution Codes

What are resolution codes?

Resolution codes determine where the session goes post-chat. You must set a resolution code after ending every chat. 

What resolution code do I use?

The language of resolution codes isn't totally intuitive. Here's a guide to help you figure out what code to use for what sitution:

Answered: No additional follow-up is needed. Use this code also if a customer disconnects prematurely after some discussion, but has not provided an email address.

Follow Up by Patron Library: In most cases, use this code anytime follow-up is needed.

Follow Up by Me: If you want to be the one to follow up with this customer - say, you know there's a book upstairs that will answer the question) - use this code. Don't forget about it! If you follow up outside of QuestionPoint, please add a Librarian Note letting others know what you did.

Lost Call: The customer never sends a message beyond their initial contact AND there is no email address provided for follow-up.

I heard there's a flow chart to help me with this.

Yes there is! Check out the printable Resolution Code Flow Chart (pdf) for a more visual guide.