Responding to a Customer Response in Followup

You've clicked on a question from one of your Question Lists to write back to the customer, but you have no function buttons. What to do? This guide will help.

Sometimes, a customer replies to their transcript with more information, another question, or a comment. In QuestionPoint, when this happens, you have to EditSave As-Is, or Delete the customer's reply before you get your usual function buttons back.

To do this, scroll to the bottom of the page. You'll see additional choices to select before you can send a response.

You will always want to click Edit or Save As-is. Clicking Delete will erase the customer's reply.

If you click the Edit button, you will be given the option to edit the customer's reply. 

You will then be left with just the customer's most recent reply and you can then click Save to append the reply to the transcript.

The customer's reply is now saved to the transcript and you have your regular functionality buttons back. You can now answer the question.