How to Commend Chat Providers

How to Commend Chat Providers

This guide concludes that the Liaisons (or designated staff) who review chat sessions:

  • know how to retrieve the chat session transcripts.
  • know the importance of Resolution Codes.
  • will review chats from providers who help out their customers, and their own library's providers.


Did a chat provider at your library exceed expectations in helping out a customer from in or out of Maryland?  Did a chat provider from another library provide outstanding customer service for one of your library customers?  

There are multiple ways to commend staff, but before we take that initiative, please consider why a chat should be commended: 

  1. Did the chat provider exceed expectations in following all of the "Anatomy of a Chat Session" behaviors of pp. 1-3 at
    1. Approachability
    2. Interest
    3. Listening & Inquiring:  Getting the Facts
    4. Finding and Giving Info
    5. Follow-Up
    6. Closing
  2. Did the customer send positive feedback in a survey?  Or contact your library directly about the high quality of service?
  3. If no survey or other type of feedback, did the customer express during the chat that he was amazed by the high quality of service?

If you have determined that a chat should be commended, please consider these ways to commend it using the label, "Compliment:"

  • in-person, by phone or email: 
    • to the provider's immediate supervisor
    • to the liaisons, in and out of Maryland
    • by phone or email to the AskUsNow! Statewide Coordinator and Support for Operations.
  • at library meetings and events
  • use the AskUsNow! listserv:  
  • nominate it for statewide recognition using this automated form
  • send the chat to the QuestionPoint Quality Team with the subject line, "Compliment," with a brief reason why it is a compliment.  If you do not know how to use the QuestionPoint software to send the chat, please email to   


It's not too early or too late to commend chat providers for what they have done for chat customers in and out of Maryland.  Please make concerted efforts to fit in praise and recognition for our staff.