The Responsibilities of the AskUsNow! Liaison

We appreciate all your contributions to AskUsNow!'s success!  The Liaison:


Represents the Partner Library

  • works with the AskUsNow! statewide coordinator to go live with the new partnership.
  • contributes and solicits agenda topics from staff for statewide meetings and optional site visits.
  • participates in discussions at meetings and online in email groups, the listserv, Blackboard Ultra, and other means of freely accessible communication.
  • maintains regular contact with the AskUsNow! Statewide Coordinator and/or designated administrators of the service.
  • is comfortable contacting other liaisons as needed.

Contributes to the Success of the Service

  • oversees library staff who provide the AskUsNow! chat reference service.
  • makes sure scheduled chat hours are covered and communicates the need for statewide or global assistance.
  • coordinates the promotion of AskUsNow! within the library's community.
  • makes AskUsNow! as visible as possible on their library's website.
  • works with library and local marketing specialists to ensure the service is being promoted effectively
  • keeps the library system's administration and staff informed about what is happening with the service.

Ensures the Reliability and Accuracy of Local Information Used by the Cooperative to Help Their Customers on Chat

  • keeps Policy Pages in QuestionPoint up-to-date and complete of information that will help chat librarians better help local customers.
  • provides scripts that will help chat librarians better help local customers.
  • verifies the contact information on the staff website is up-to-date.
  • alerts the AskUsNow! Statewide Coordinator when further assistance is needed in updating the QuestionPoint chat reference software.

Supports the Quality of the Service

  • Train staff on how to provide exceptional customer service on chat.  Please use your discretion to get the Statewide Coordinator of AskUsNow! involved in the training.
  • While new staff and refresher training will be available as needed or on request from the Statewide Coordinator of AskUsNow!; regularly scheduled training throughout the year will end.  Remember, training is always available for new staff, for those who feel a refresher would be helpful or for any changes in the QuestionPoint product development. 
  • Contact customers, not using QuestionPoint, within your library and/or with guidance and support from the Statewide Coordinator of AskUsNow!, when the following scenarios occur between the chat provider and chat customer:
    • The customer contacts your library directly for further assistance or provide feedback about the chat experience.
    • The customer fills out surveys that request or imply further assistance.
    • The chat provider contacts the customer's library about a customer's chat experience.
    • Scenarios from What Do I Do If a Chat is Accidentally Marked for Email Follow-Up?
  • Monitors performance data through QuestionPoint And Statistical Sampling Reports.

Contributes Enthusiasm and Energy to the Success of the service!