The Responsibilities of the AskUsNow! Liaison

This list is to provide guidance but may not be exhaustive of all the things AskUsNow! may ask of its liaisons. We appreciate all your contributions to our success!

Represents the Partner Library

Contributes to the Success of the Service

  • coordinates promotion of AskUsNow! within the local community.
  • makes AskUsNow! as visible as possible on their library's website.
  • works with the local marketing specialists to ensure the service is being promoted effectively and acts as a local contact person for delivery of marketing materials.
  • keeps the library system's administration and staff informed about what is happening with the service.
  • works with the AUN statewide coordinator to go live with new partnership.

Ensures the Currency and Accuracy of Local Information Used by the Cooperative

  • keeps Policy Pages in QuestionPoint up to date and full of information that will help chatting librarians better aid local customers
  • verifies the contact information on the staff website is up to date
  • alerts the AUN admin when staff logins are no longer needed.

Supports the Quality of the Service

Contributes Enthusiasm and Energy to the Success of the service!