Marketing Ideas Checklist


AskUsNow! bookmark distribution

  • Drop off bookmarks at the following outlets: bookstores (e.g., Borders, Barnes & Noble); municipal and county offices and agencies (e.g., ask the municipality or county to put a bookmark in employees' paycheck envelopes); college dorms; college stores, and other student meeting places around campus; other storefronts and restaurants; local schools (contact administration and/or teachers--bookmarks can be distributed in school library, computer labs, and to Internet and research skills classes).
  • Hand out bookmarks at local events, e.g., street fairs and sporting events
  • Include bookmarks in packets for new student orientation, parent/student events, etc.
  • You may want to accompany the bookmarks with this introduction letter (MS Word 2007)


  • Distribute to schools and community organizations such as the "Y"
  • Display in college dorms and stores and other student meeting places around campus
  • Display at conferences and other special programs

In-library promotion

  • Hand out bookmarks and display posters during library events, programs, and computer classes
  • Hand out bookmarks to classes or groups receiving orientation at the library
  • Have the Circulation department hand out a bookmark at every checkout
  • Display AskUsNow! posters throughout library, especially near circulation and reference desks, public access computers, and in computer rooms
  • Create an AskUsNow! display that includes photocopies of articles about AskUsNow!; questions and answers; customer comments; the names of your virtual librarians
  • Have customer service personnel, especially the Reference department, spread the word about AskUsNow! during every transaction with the public, e.g., ask patron “Have you used AskUsNow! before?” and hand out bookmark
  • Customize "ask me about..." name tags with AskUsNow!

AskUsNow! Demonstrations

  • Hold a breakfast reception for local business and community organizations at the library that includes a AskUsNow! demo
  • Demonstrate AskUsNow! to school classes, the PTO and School Boards, community organizations from Girl Scouts to the Garden Club to Rotary
  • Include a AskUsNow! demonstration in your line-up of programs
  • Attending a conference, workshop, or special program? Make it an opportunity to demo AskUsNow!.

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