June Update: Quick and Dirty AskUsNow! Marketing

June Update:

Promoting a new database or research tool at your library?  The database or research tool announcement can include ways to contact the library to get help learning how to use it (i.e. chat, phone, email, social media).

Remind your school and department liaisons to promote AskUsNow! to summer faculty and teachers (who tend to be adjuncts and teachers who only teach during the summer), and they will relay the promotion to their students.  

It's never too early to promote AskUsNow! to schools and departments who are preparing orientation resources for the Fall semesters.


May Update:

Pre-Made AskUsNow! Social Media Posts:  http://askusnow.info/staff/marketing/socialmediaposts 

Remind your subject-specialist librarians to promote AskUsNow! to diverse and unique populations.  These populations may include small business owners, job seekers, and family researchers/genealogists.

Preparing to train Summer interns, volunteers, and employees?  Give them a reason to use AskUsNow! during the Summer.  One way is to have a "To Do List" of tasks that they can accomplish or try out.  They may also need to prepare for summer courses, the fall semester, or a new school year. 


April Update:

Give an overview to faculty about why AskUsNow! useful for nearby and distance education students:  http://askusnow.info/news/march2016

Replace the old logo with the new logo, and present it to your library users:  http://askusnow.info/staff/marketing/logos

Preparing for Summer Reading Events and Programs?  Give the participants a reason to go onto AskUsNow! during the Summer.  They may need reading suggestions or help getting through summer courses.


March Update:

Complement AskUsNow! with your library's student and homework resources.  Please see Pratt's School and Homework Resources:  http://www.prattlibrary.org/school-resources/.

Spanish language population?  Attached are AskUsNow! flyers in Spanish.

Guide on your library's website about how to do research?  Fit AskUsNow! on the guide.  AskUsNow! is more than a conversation about finding and giving information; it's a conversation about how to successfully do research for an assignment or personal interest.


February Update:

Encourage educators to embed AskUsNow! on their websites (Some of these ideas may also work for your library's website.):

Qwidget in Blackboard:  http://wiki.questionpoint.org/w/page/13839489/Qwidget%20Tips#PlacingtheQwidgetinBlackboard

Chat Form or Qwidget on a "Homework Help" website:  Here's an example from Burleigh Manor Middle School in Ellicott City: http://burleighvirtuallibrary.us/BMMS_Library/Homework_Help.html 

Follow up by email with customers who praised their AskUsNow! experiences.  The customers occasionally reply back with ideas about how to reach out to different online audiences, especially within their community and workplaces.  

Spread the online word:  We recently received praise from a Carroll County educational advocacy group who blogged about their AskUsNow! experience with LBPH Librarian Amanda:  http://carrollvalueseducation.com/ask-us-now-rocks/​.  This praise went on Twitter and Facebook too!


January Update:

Great AskUsNow! promotions provided by the Cecil County Public Library (Thanks Erica J.!) and the Ort Library at Frostburg State University (Thanks Theresa M.!):

"10 Free Things to Try on Our Website:"  http://www.cecil.ebranch.info/blog/?p=4993

"Library Highlights: Maryland AskUsNow!:"  http://fsuortlibrary.blogspot.com/2015/01/library-highlights-maryland-askusnow.html

Not permitted to add AskUsNow! permanently to your library's homepage?

Add AskUsNow! to a Content Slider.

Make the Chat Form URL or Qwidget a persistent feature on your website's most popular pages.


December Update:

Bring awareness to how AskUsNow! helps out students and nonprofits by sharing the guest blog posts.

On the Maryland Nonprofits blog:  "Got Research? 24/7 Chat at Maryland AskUsNow!"  http://marylandnonprofits.org/Articles/tabid/1110/ID/517/categoryId/2/Got-Research-247-Chat-at-Maryland-AskUsNow.aspx

On the Maryland Humanities Council's blog:  "How Do I Chat with an Online Librarian about My National History Day Project on Maryland AskUsNow!?"  http://www.mdhc.org/blog/?p=1903#.Vo_X8H0va-_

Promote AskUsNow! alongside of statewide library services that customers can use for free (i.e. Marina, DigitalMaryland...).


November Update:

Cross-promote AskUsNow! with statewide nonprofits that share a similar mission and set of values.  This step can be done with your nearby nonprofits.

Promote AskUsNow! on your social media sites on days when your library is not open.

Reiteration and promotion of the "For School" section at http://askusnow.info/schools:  one AIMS school received the website, reviewed the qwidget implementation guide, and implemented the qwidget on her school computers.

Set up a social media campaign to complement the Maryland STEM Festival.


October Update:

Favorite and retweet our "Did you know?," "Looking for..." and "Need info..." tweets at https://twitter.com/askusnow

Inform your social studies and history educators that AskUsNow! was recently an exhibitor at the Maryland Council for Social Studies Conference:  http://mdcss.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/2015-MDCSS-Conference-Program.pdf

Besides reaching out to public and private school audiences, find your local homeschool groups that could benefit from using AskUsNow! at http://www.mdhsa.com/directories/ and http://www.prattlibrary.org/research/tools/index.aspx?cat=19954&id=83755.


September Update:

Sample AskUsNow! Questions Flyer Template:  See Attachment.

Sample Blog Template (without images):  See Attachment.

Class Visit Toolkit:  http://askusnow.info/sites/default/files/2015-16_SSPBrochure_2.pdf

Pre-Made AskUsNow! Social Media Posts:  http://askusnow.info/staff/marketing/socialmediaposts                                                          

Promote AskUsNow! on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/askusnow   

Promote AskUsNow! on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/askusnow        

Customizable QuestionPoint Chat Promotional Materials:  http://www.oclc.org/support/services/questionpoint/community/promote.en.html

And don't forget our Marketing page!:  http://askusnow.info/staff/marketing.


Whether you are targeting students, educators, teens, older populations, and other audiences that will benefit from learning about AskUsNow!...

At first-year experience and library instruction classes, orientation and outreach events, library card sign-up, and related events...

Or on your library's blogs, social media sites, newsletters, and related online information websites...

We have AskUsNow! online marketing materials (some of them can be printed out and customized)


We will continue to send marketing materials and ideas to you.

Have marketing ideas to share?  Please send them to Paul and Becca.  Thanks!









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