School Is Wrapping Up? Time to Access Maryland AskUsNow!

Updated on 4/16/15:  The Pratt Chat Blog published School is Wrapping Up?:  Time to Access Maryland AskUsNow!.

Here is a sample email/blog post that can be used and adapted to promote AskUsNow! to students and educators before the school year/semester ends.  Best, Paul.


School Is Wrapping Up?  Time to Access Maryland AskUsNow!




Maryland AskUsNow!,, is the free, statewide library chat information service done in cooperation with 43 Maryland libraries and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all Maryland residents and students.  Here are great reasons for Maryland students to use Maryland AskUsNow!.


It’s that time of the year again.  We are in the 4th quarter of the school year or in the final weeks of our college spring semester.  We have several big assignments due sooner rather than later. 

  • Where can I get assistance finding an article for my English 101 report?  How do I cite the article?
  • What is a primary source?  How do I find one for my 7th grade social studies project?
  • I have a science fair project due next week.  Help me find more information for my project.
  • My professor told me that I can get answers to my assignment using the library’s newspapers, magazines, and databases.  Where are these located and how do I use them?


The answer is:  Maryland AskUsNow!.  A librarian will provide answers to questions, give research and homework guidance, and help you find accurate, credible, and reliable information (with or without a library card).

Access Maryland AskUsNow! on your desktop computer, laptop, or portable device.  If you are a <<name of the library>> library customer, you can chat with a librarian in multiple locations, including the <<hyperlinks to your AskUsNow! webpages>>. 


Interested in learning more about Maryland AskUsNow!?  Listen to the January 2015 WYPR Podcast.


We look forward to chatting with you!