Pre-Made Posts for Social Media - Use These Today!

Social Media Committee:

Updated January 2017

Thank you for your interest in promoting our chat service through your library’s social media channels.

Pair these posts with a link to your library’s AskUsNow! chat form link, or to a page on your website that has your chat form or qwidget (like an Ask-a-Librarian page).

Some other tips:

  • Consider using to shorten your links
  • Tag us on Twitter using @askusnow
  • Revise these posts as needed
  • Have fun!


Library Closings

The library is closed [tomorrow, on Sunday, for a holiday], but you can still get your questions answered. Chat with us anytime! [Link]

The library will be closed [dates] due to [snow, broken HVAC], but have no fear! Get your questions answered. [Link]



You can find help on our website for your research project. Talk to us now – we’re here nights & weekends too. [Link]

Stumped on a paper citation? Librarians are standing by. [Link]

Parents: we’ve got tons of online learning fun for your little ones. Chat with a librarian now to get started! [Link]

The hardest part of a science fair project: choosing a topic. Stumped? Chat with a librarian to get ideas. [Link]


Teachers & Educators

Lesson planning? We have the goods to get you started. Chat with us now. [Link]

We can help your students with their research, even if they can’t come to the library. [Link]



You’ve just finished [popular title] – unsure of what to read next? Get a suggestion for your next read. [Link]

It’s never too late to start reading eBooks. Chat with us to learn how you can read a new book now. [Link]


Popular Services

Did you know you can watch movies through our website? Chat with us – day or night – to learn more. [Link]

Did you know you can download popular music through our website? Get help now. [Link]

You can read magazines for free using your library card. Sound interesting? Chat with us any time to learn more. [Link]


Special Research & Services

Today’s a great day to start that business plan. The library is your greatest ally – surprise! Get assistance any time. [Link]

The world of nonprofits is tough to navigate. Talk to us any time to get info on grants and management. [Link]

Interested in your family’s history? We’ve got a lot to get you started – even things you can get from home. Ask us how. [Link]

Interested in [your library’s county/city] history? Local history is one of our specialties. Ask your question now. [Link]



Last night, we hosted a great talk with [author name]. Interested in finding more of their books? [Link]

Yesterday, we hosted [program]. Hungry for more information? Chat with us any time to find out more. [Link]


AskUsNow! Specific

Late night questions? We’ve partnered with Maryland AskUsNow! so you can get help from a librarian anytime. Try it now. [Link]

Questions after closing? It happens. We’ve partnered with Maryland AskUsNow! so you can ask a question any time. [Link]

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