2018 09 - September 2018 Monthly Report

Maryland AskUsNow! Monthly Report

September 2018


By the Numbers:

AskUsNow! Website Chat Sessions By Location FY19

Using information gathered from chat transcripts and IP addresses, AskUsNow!

FY19: Maryland AskUsNow! Statistical Sampling

What is Statistical Sampling?

Starting in July 2018, we will be in our fourth year of the "Maryland AskUsNow! Statistical Sampling" project.  We will be collecting the following data during our chat hours from Maryland AskUsNow! and Global chat customers:  the number of chat questions that we receive in each chat session

National History Day Resources

2019 National History Day Theme:  Triumph and Tragedy in History


National History Day Theme Book

Statewide, AUN NHD FAQs

Three points to keep in mind about this year's National History Day competition: 

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