May I Ask for a Customer's Library Card Number and PIN/Password During Chat?

Yes!  Whether it is an account, library policy, student assignment, or any other type of in-depth, research question; you may ask for this information if this will assist in providing great service to the customer. 

This answer is provided by QuestionPoint in their Policies and Procedures section on Patron Privacy:



AskUsNow! Back-Up Chat Provider List

Several AskUsNow! customers on chat at one time?  Please email the back-up chat providers with the subject line, "Back-Up Chat Providers Needed on AskUsNow!. is on chat.  EOM.  [Name of the Customers' Location, if applicable]"  For instance, if several students from the Washington County Public Schools access chat, please use the subject line, "Back-Up Chat Providers Needed on AskUsNow!.  Washington County is on chat.

National History Day Resources

2018 National History Day Theme:  Conflict and Compromise in History


National History Day Rulebook

Three points to keep in mind about this year's National History Day competition: 

2017/2018 Maryland AskUsNow! Intern and Volunteer Chat Librarians

Maryland AskUsNow! Intern and Volunteer Chat Librarians


What is Maryland AskUsNow!?

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