QuestionPoint Cooperative Update: November 2016

On Behalf of Wren Spangler, QuestionPoint Cooperative Coordinator


Dear Cooperative Librarians,

As we enter into the holiday season, I would like to express my thanks to all members of our Cooperative. You participate in our Cooperative in a variety of ways, such as:

  • joining chat sessions originating from other libraries, allowing their patrons to receive help from a librarian even when their own librarians are not online
  • reviewing sessions for Quality, letting us know when chatting librarians have done an excellent job or when their sessions could use improvement
  • updating your policy pages to ensure that the content is current
  • keeping our Cooperative schedule accurate by placing vacation requests when your library will be closed for the holidays and by using Request Trade when you are unable to work shifts due to scheduling conflicts
  • promoting our service by encouraging your patrons to chat with a librarian for real-time assistance
  • attending our virtual user group meetings

Here is the latest news about our Cooperative:


Upcoming Virtual User Group Meeting

Prepare for holiday season reference questions by joining the QuestionPoint community on December 14 at 2 p.m. (EST) for our virtual user group meeting. We’ll dig into how to best answer questions about e-readers and e-resources from both a public and academic library perspective. Be ready to chime in with your experience and point-of-view! 

A registration link will be placed in the announcements section of the My QuestionPoint homepage.


Tips and Reminders submitted by your colleagues in the Cooperative 

Cooperative librarians occasionally ask me to send a reminder to the rest of the Cooperative about certain topics. Here are some tips to remember:

1) IM and Transfer--please share this information with the chatting librarians at your institutions:

If you see a pop-up message in your Chat Monitor that says "New IM request has arrived," it has a Close button. Once you close the pop-up window, click on the IM tab in your Chat Monitor:



The resulting screen includes a "My Active IM Sessions" section in the lower-left corner. Click the name of the librarian to open the IM session and view the IM message that your colleague sent to you; send a response on the right-hand side of the screen. It is best to respond to all IM messages that you receive!

Note: Do not click the End IM Session button until the other librarian has acknowledged your IM and you are certain that the session has reached a natural close, because the IM session will be closed on both librarians' screens.

2) Policy Pages--be sure you are aware of all the fields that you can include to help your colleagues in the Cooperative better serve your library's patrons. If you have been a long-time member of our Cooperative, some fields may have been added since the last time you updated your policy page. 

The fields are listed and explained in the Policy Page Guidelines document:

Thank you again for your support of our Cooperative! As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance with Cooperative-related matters.


Best wishes,