QuestionPoint Cooperative Update: November 2017

On behalf of Wren Spangler, OCLC · QuestionPoint Cooperative Coordinator


Dear Cooperative Librarians,

The librarians in the United States will be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday at the end of this week, and I wanted to share with you that I am grateful for...


  • Cooperative librarians using our scheduling tool 1,265 times to seek alternate coverage for shifts they cannot work
  • Cooperative librarians using our scheduling tool 3,278 times to request replacement/additional shifts
  • Cooperative libraries improving their Contribution Percentage (195 libraries improved since last year!)
  • Cooperative librarians sending an IM and waiting for a response before transferring a session
  • Cooperative librarians adjusting their shift times to balance our Cooperative schedule and eliminate all overstaffed shifts 


Perhaps you have noticed a theme...YOU! I am thankful for all of the libraries in our Cooperative who have worked together to serve our patrons--especially during times of increased traffic due to class assignments, during inclement weather when librarians from other time zones have worked extra to provide coverage, and during the busy evening and weekend hours. 

Your contribution manifests itself in many ways: joining chat sessions, keeping our Cooperative schedule accurate, updating your policy page, and sending comments and compliments to Quality about your colleagues' service. Our Cooperative is a success because of your commitment to collaborating with each other!


Best regards,