FY16: Maryland AskUsNow! Statistical Sampling Weeks

Starting in August 2015, we will be doing "Maryland AskUsNow! Statistical Sampling Weeks."  We will measure the following types of data during our chat hours from Maryland AskUsNow! and Global chat customers:


1.  The number of chat questions that we receive.  This is chat volume data that we do not capture now; it is questions per, not sessions.

2.  The types of questions that we receive.  This is descriptive code data.


This new approach to measuring AskUsNow! data moves AskUsNow! into an outcomes based environment.  Our AskUsNow! stakeholders and partner libraries will now have statistics that define the level of service AskUsNow! chat providers give to chat customers.  While we will still be reporting the number of chat sessions AskUsNow! handles, we will also be capturing the number of "chat questions" handled per chat session.  The chat questions will correlate to our new statewide descriptive codes.  For instance, we may have one chat session that has three chat questions:  one about eBooks & eMagazines and two about Library Card Accounts.  This is an essential component of information needed in our reporting to the state and will also provide you with a figure that can be added to the number of reference questions you report to governing bodies.    

Attached are the 14 sampling weeks from August 2015-May 2016.

Please review the Maryland AskUsNow! Statistical Sampling sheet and instructions with your AskUsNow! providers.  We count on and appreciate your support in gathering the data.

Statewide, Statistical Sampling totals before being weighted and calculated on a READ Scale formula are available at http://askusnow.info/staff/reports/statisticalsampling/14weeks/FY16.

Goal:  Receive 30,000 chat questions.

Final FY16 Outcomes:  

  • 41,403 Chat Questions Received
    • Level 1:  7358
    • Level 2:  9291
    • Level 3:  12,624
    • Level 4:  12,130
  • Descriptive Codes:  Top 5
    1. Student Assignment
    2. Library Card Account
    3. Personal Interest
    4. Database & Research Tools
    5. Programs, Events, & Services

Weighted FY16 Totals:  http://askusnow.info/staff/sites/default/files/FY16_StatisticalSamplingREADScaleTotals.pdf

Please let Paul (pchasen@prattlibrary.org) and Becca (rstarr@prattlibrary.org) know if you have any questions.

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