Qwidget Implementation: Summary

Examples of Qwidget Implementation and Brand Language

AskUsNow! Homepage:  http://www.askusnow.info

Caroline County Public Library: 

Frostburg State University: 

Harford County Public Library:

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Central Library: 



Libraries Go Live with Qwidget!:  http://askusnow.info/staff/qwidget/libraries_go_live

Qwidget Implementation:  A Guide for Partner Libraries:  http://askusnow.info/staff/qwidget

​Qwidget:  Mobile Tracking v. Not Tracking:  http://askusnow.info/staff/qwidget/mobiletracking

Qwidget Implementation: A Guide for Maryland Schools:  http://askusnow.info/staff/qwidget/schools

QuestionPoint Qwidget Roll Up Pilot:  http://askusnow.info/staff/qwidget/roll_up_pilot

Service Expansion Initiative:  Embedded Widgets & Mobile Access:  http://askusnow.info/staff/sites/default/files/ServiceExpansionInitiative_AskUsNow.pdf

What Does the Qwidget Code Look Like?:  http://askusnow.info/staff/qwidget/qwidgetcode



2015 MLA/DLA Conference Poster Session:  Qwidget Implementation Project:  More Information:  http://askusnow.info/staff/qwidget/mladlapostersession

​Qwidget Presentation to MAPLA - 1/23/13:  http://askusnow.info/staff/qwidget/mapla



Maryland AskUsNow! (AUN) Customer Qwidget Usage:  http://askusnow.info/staff/reports/qwidgetusage

​Qwidget Implementation Means Increase Usage:  http://askusnow.info/staff/sites/default/files/CompiledQwidgetStats_2013.pdf



Qwidget from the Customer and Librarian's Viewpoints:  http://askusnow.info/staff/qwidget/customer_librarian_viewpoints


Further Reading:

Extending IM beyond the Reference Desk: A Case Study on the Integration of Chat Reference and Library-Wide Instant Messaging Network

Location, Location, Location:  The Impact of IM Widget Placement (see attachment)

Prevalence of widget applications on library websites:  an analytical study (see attachment)

Proactive chat reference:  Getting in the users’ space

Increase Awareness for Virtual Reference Services: Best Practices for Link Placement

Seeking Synchronicity: Evaluating Virtual Reference Services from User, Non-User and Librarian Perspectives

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