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Two of my favorite websites are and

Openculture - Contains credible and open sources in variety of fields

Archive.Org - Open source of archived content

Digital Public Library of America - Open source of historical credible information

Thank you,

Thank You!

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Thanks for the suggestions.  We'll keep them in the comments for the time being, and consider them for rotation in the recommended resources.

Homework Resource: Regents Prep Site

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The other day, I was able to help a customer with a math question by using the Oswego City School District's Regents Prep site. It hasn't been updated in a few years, but it contains great basic lessons on math, science, and history. 

math help

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Another good website for helping kids with math problems is, which not only provides the answer to the math question but shows (in detail) both the long and short forms of how to solve the problem. The kids that I've used it with have been very excited about it.