National History Day Resources

2019 National History Day Theme:  Triumph and Tragedy in History


National History Day Theme Book

Statewide, AUN NHD FAQs

Three points to keep in mind about this year's National History Day competition: 

  • Students will be doing research where they have to take a firm position on an issue that may affect groups, individuals, or movements.  They can also do research on conflicts and compromises that led to successes or failures. 
  • Students are mostly asking for help 1) finding primary sources and 2) how to cite them, but they are also 3) figuring out how to use the resources to narrow down their project's focus.  
    • Students may ask for online sources, but also sources in a wide variety of formats.  They have been instructed to also learn about how to find the sources using search strategies and research tools.
    • Students can be given resources and guidance on how to cite the sources.  They are being asked not to ask us to create the citations for them.  Please be referred to give online referrals to writing centers and online tutoring services if applicable to the chat.  
  • Students are also developing theses.  They may need insight, resources, and guidance (i.e. research consultation) about how to make their theses stronger.

Give the students:

  • motivation, especially by showing interest in their research topics.  The students work on their projects almost throughout the entire school year.
  • conversations, because we can't help them out unless they open up about their projects.
  • search strategies.
  • introductions to resources available in and out of their libraries.
  • insight into finding the best sources for their projects.


Important Dates

Local District Contest Dates

  • February & March 2019: District Contests
  • May 11, 2019:  Maryland History Day competition at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)
  • Students who have moved onto the national NHD competition will have a deadline to revise their papers and websites.
  • June 9-13, 2019: National History Day competition at the University of Maryland, College Park


Logistical Questions about History Day


Creating a Project:  Research Topic Selection, Primary and Secondary Sources, Thesis Statements, Different Types of Projects, Annotated Bibliographies, Process Paper, and more!


​Additional Assistance/Popular & Frequently Used Resources


AskUsNow! and NHD

Reminder: students may be in school and working within a short period of time, and their school librarians and teachers have done their best to prepare them for AskUsNow! in a structured way.  Do the best you can, and clearly communicate to the students that it may take 10, 15, 20+ minutes to help them out on chat, and that other options are available for NHD help.  For reassurance, refer to "The 10 Things You CAN Do For Customers."


Sample NHD Chats


Policy Pages:  Please add alerts to your policy pages about any information or resources that your library has given to your local area schools.  Public libraries, please add in district contest information and resources.  Academic and special libraries, please add in information and resources that need to be brought to the attention of NHD students.  


Resources that Teachers are Using to Prepare their Students to do Research with Primary Sources:

Thank you to Judy, Grace, and Anna of the Maryland Humanities, "Maryland History Day" project,; and staff at the Maryland State Library Resource Center for collaborating with us on the resource sharing and insight, and to the AskUsNow! providers who have successfully handled NHD questions using the suggested resources.

Interested in judging at Maryland History Day?