Humanity (formerly known as ShiftPlanning): Time Clock, Substitution, Coverage, and Making Up Chat Hours

Clocking In and Out of Humanity

Need coverage?

AskUsNow! will monitor schedules, including using the time clock and subbing, finding coverage, and making up chat hours using Humanity, QuestionPoint's scheduling software.

Humanity Homepage

Clocking in and Out of Humanity, Submitting Coverage, Making Up Chat Hours, & Holiday Requests

Need to make up a missed chat hour(s)?

Note that the only time you need to make up a chat hour(s) is if your library is open and the missed chat hour(s) was a global or Spanish queue. 

You have the option to make up a local MD chat hour(s).  We encourage this option because we like to let QuestionPoint know that we are taking the initiative to make up chat hours.

If your chat hour(s) was a global or Spanish one...please make it up within a week.  Please contact the AskUsNow! Statewide Coordinator and Support for Operations if you need more time to make up the chat hour(s).