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Social Media Statistics and Updates

In January 2015, Maryland AskUsNow! began a targeted effort to boost its visibility on social media. Since the refresh began, AskUsNow! has boasted a steady increase in social media engagement.

Pre-Made Posts for Social Media - Use These Today!

Social Media Committee:

Updated January 2017

Thank you for your interest in promoting our chat service through your library’s social media channels.

Pair these posts with a link to your library’s AskUsNow! chat form link, or to a page on your website that has your chat form or qwidget (like an Ask-a-Librarian page).

Some other tips:

AskUsNow! Social Media Plan in Action

Since January 2015, AskUsNow! has been working to increase its presence on Facebook and Twitter. During these first three months of "refreshed" social media, we began following an action plan to help us define our target audience and engage our supporters.

Taking a look at our social media efforts

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The "every organization should have a Facebook page" insanity has died down a little but the assumption of need still exists.

For AskUsNow!, we've had an FB page for years now without any real strategy to how we'd use it and how we'd know when we were successful. We had a couple people taking care of our Myspace (MS) and FB spaces over the years but currently, we... well, I...  focus our social media energies into Twitter, which posts to MySpace, and should also post to Facebook automatically (though we've noticed some issues with that).

On Twitter we post customer questions, comments, stats, and our delicious resources tags once we've created a new one.

But now, especially in the light of our lack of a real marketing budget, i'm looking into specific, do-able things we can do with our social media that makes a big impact and takes next to no time investment for either me, and/or whoever will be doing it.

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